A B O U T  E S S E N T I A L

"Fryer’s gentle practice of moving the body into cushion-supported poses works to promote physical rest and renewal, while her spoken instructions are meditations geared toward quieting the mind.  She doesn’t stop at ‘relax,’ however.  Her deeper insights into the nature of stillness urge us further, toward ancient mystical tradition – as do her occasional invocations of the sacred feminine, which are central to her way of seeing." - interview by Harmony Hotel

Essential Nature Restorative Yoga brings multidimensional benefits to students supporting  movement  into the inspirational, creative and open energetic field of space. This is where possibility lives in all of us. The yogi’s refer to this vibration as the “bliss body”. My teaching style engages precise and provocative language to access and illuminate the multidimensional self, referencing both esoteric and scientific perspectives. As a woman embodying  sixty something years on precious Earth, I offer you my own essence. Heart  to heart. From here all healing happens. Breath  to breath. Moment  to moment. Out of the darkness always, always comes the light. Now is the time to radiate. As Melanie shares, “ I thought I was coming for a gentle yoga practice using props to teach my students. I had no idea what a deep physical, emotional and spiritual practice this really is and how it reveals itself through going deep into the physical and emotional body.”


M Y  S T O R Y

A faculty member at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica; intuitive astrologer and sound healer; Jane Fryer, E-RYT 500 has been teaching yoga for over 35 years. She is multi certified, experienced in many yoga traditions, and honours all her mentors, especially Mother Nature. As a leader and advocate for business owners, professionals, politicians, artists, students, and moms and dads, Jane realized decades ago that in this 24/7 world, time for stillness and resetting the nervous system is not optional, but essential. Throughout her journey as both student and teacher, Jane has progressively and passionately recognized the profound power of restorative yoga, trained hundreds of teachers, and is deeply inspired to offer this powerful practice to the world. Jane created inwardbound.com, and offered a global menu of boutique yoga retreats from 1994-2008.  She is very grateful to be living a more simple life in Costa Rica, with all the monkeys and her dog, Charley Girl.